Saturday, February 2, 2013

Family History Writing Challenge 2013

It's time again for the Family History Writing Challenge.  I am pledging a minimum of 350 words per day.  I'll be continuing my story of Oliver Summerlin of Mt. Olive, NC.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Family Reunion

You might say it's no way to run a blog - but life has been busy.  The highlight of the summer was a family reunion in honor of my father's 80th birthday and my sister's 50th birthday.  We had family members from far and wide - people who I haven't seen in years.  In preparation, I scanned old photos from my father's family and took them as a slideshow.  Seeing photos seems to get people really talking.

Ralph Taylor (most likely) & H.E.Taylor.  Earliest
Picture we have of him.  About 1908.

Laura Belle Stone Taylor & Richard L. Taylor, 1930, his 60th birthday.

Kate Taylor & son John
My father and his sister were there.  I recommend taking some photos and talking with your older family members.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do any formal interviews, yet, but I think I should.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

1940 Census

I had just returned from a two-week vacation to Hawaii on April 1.  I was so jet-lagged that I completely forgot about the 1940 census release until I went to work on April 2.  This was probably for the best.

I first looked for my relatives that had lived, and still lived in the same place in Mount Olive, Wayne County, North Carolina.  It was just a matter of looking through a few images (OK, about 40) to find my grandparents, and their daughter, my mother.  The rest of the family was nearby.

Then, I looked for my other grandparents in Fayetteville, NC.  I even had their address.  But their part of the street was not in the enumeration district (ED) that was indicated through Stephen Morse's website.  Not his fault.  I looked at the map of enumeration districts - the area where my grandparents address would be was annexed into the city in about 1947, but was still in the county in 1940. This was at a time when Fort Bragg was increasing in size considerably.  After looking through parts of two enumeration districts, I found the correct address on the first page of ED 26-39B of Cumberland County, as if there was some confusion about what district this street belonged in.  My great-grandparents were living next door.  No street name or number was recorded.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Forward Progress

Even though I'm  not done with the Summerlin's story, I have another project to begin.  My aunt is downsizing and has sent me two large boxes of her genealogical materials.  This includes many photographs saved by my grandmother.  Also, it is my dad's 80th birthday this summer and we are having a family gathering.  I am going to work on scanning these photos and have a photo book made for my father.  I think he will enjoy that.  Since it is now March, and the party is in July, I have to get started.  I'll post a few examples as I go.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

G.E. Summerlin, cont.

-in 1930, the latest census available at this time, G.E. and Emma Aaron Summerlin are living on James Street with their daughters, Elizabeth, 21 and Pattie, 17.  George is a radio salesman - the U.S. government was so interested that it asked householders on the census whether they owned a radio - and they did.  Elizabeth is the bookkeeper in a doctors office.

George Edgar Summerlin died on March 14, 1966, at age 83, of a sudden heart attack caused by dissection of the aorta.  The physician states that this was due to generalized arteriosclerosis.  He was buried in Maplewood Cemetery in Mount Olive.  The death certificate stated that he was a retired plumber.  My grandmother had told me that he was a plumber.

Emma Aaron Summerlin died October 29, 1969, at age 84, of pneumonia caused by basilar artery thrombosis - blockage of an artery in the brain.  Another victim of arteriosclerosis.  She was buried in Maplewood Cemetery in Mount Olive.  She had been living in Guardian Care Nursing Home in Goldsboro.

They both had been living in 106 E. John Street at the time of their deaths.  I remember both of them from visits to Mount Olive to see my grandparents.  I was very young when G.E. died - about 7 - but remember him as a tall, bald man.  I remember Emma as being partially bedridden but I was never sure why.

Monday, February 20, 2012

G.E. Summerlin

3. George Edgar Summerlin, 9 Jul 1882 - 14 Mar 1966.
G.E. Summerlin, Sr. is my great-grandfather.
He was born to Oliver and Fannie Summerlin.  He was Oliver's eighth child, and Fannie's fourth.
-In the 1900 census, George is living with his family in Mount Olive.  He is 17, working as farm labor, and attended school for 10 months the previous year.  He married Emma Meredith Aaron, from Duplin County, on 22 Dec 1904.
-In 1910, G.E. and Emma were living on College Street, four doors from Ben and Katie, with their children Edgar (4) and Julia (almost 2).  He is a tinner (tinsmith/metalworker) in his own shop.
-1920 is very interesting.  G.E., Emma and their children are living in the same household with Emma's mother, Julia Aaron, her other children and sons-in-law.  The household spreads over 2 pages - NC, Wayne Co., Brogden Twp., ED 105, p.3B&4A.  The house is owned, without mortgage, presumably by Julia Aaron.

Living on James Street are:
Julia Aaron, head, F, 58, widowed
David J. Aaron, son, M, 32, single, working as telephone operator
George Marr, son-in-law, M, 46, married, b. in Delaware.  He is treasurer of the "Show".
Nellie Marr, daughter, F, 30, married.
Julia Marr, grand-daughter, F, 11
William Aaron, son, M, 28, single, no occupation listed.
Ashton Newby, son-in-law, M, 23, married, auto salesman
Pattie Newby, daughter, F, 26, married
George E. Summerlin, son-in-law, M, 37, auto salesman
Emma Summerlin, daughter, F, 34
George E. Summerlin, Jr, grandson, M, 13
Elizabeth Summerlin, granddaughter, F, 11
Pattie Summerlin, granddaughter, F, 8.

That is quite the household!

- continued -

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Children of Oliver Summerlin and Fannie Albritton

Just a reminder:  These posts are first drafts.  I have not included citations, but if you need a citation, please let me know.  P.S. Revised 2/26/12.  I left Ben out.

Children of Oliver Summerlin and Fannie Albritton

1.  Anna "Annie" Summerlin, 18 Aug 1873 - 2 Aug 1955.  She married John B. Moore on April 30, 1898.  John belonged to a farming family in Turkey, Sampson County.  In the 1900 census, they are living with John's parents, Walter and Anna.  The elder Moores have been married 31 years and have eight of eight living children.  John is listed as a house carpenter.  Their first child, Bedford Forest is six months old.  Annie and John have been married two years.  In 1910, John and Annie have been married 12 years and have three children:  Bedford Forest, b. 1900; John P., b. 1905; and Ernest, b. 1907.  John is operating a sawmill, and the own the farm where they are living.  The next household is John's parents.  John's brother, Walter L. is also working in the sawmill.  In 1920, John is working their farm, which they own.  Forest is 20, but no occupation is listed, and he is not in school.  I don't know if they are on the same farm as before or have taken over John's parent's farm.  Their neighbors are Claud Moore, Walter Moore the younger and Frank Moore.  John died of heart disease when he was 55, on 9 Feb 1928.  In 1930, Annie is living with her three sons, Forest, J.C. and Ernest, all operating the farm.  Annie died 2 Aug 1955, when she was almost 82 years old.  The cause was listed as pneumonia brought on by "general disability".

2.  Matthew Oliver Summerlin, 16 Apr 1876 - 11 Jun 1934.  In 1900, Matthew is a 24-year-old young man, single, still living with his parents (the norm at the time), work in vehicle repairing with his father Oliver.  In 1910, he is newly married to Carrie Jane Sutton, 28.  They live in the household with his parents, Oliver and Fannie.  Carrie Jane dies in 1913, and by 1918, Matt has married Leslie "Lessie" Perry, 26.  When he fills out his WWI Draft Card in 1918, he lists Lessie Perry as his person to contact.  His profession is "implement and auto dealer" (Summerlin Brothers).  In 1920, they have one child, Frances P., born in late 1918.  Matt is working as a merchant in a garage.  By 1930, Matt is not working, probably due to his lung problems.  He dies in 1934.  His death certificate indicates that he has suffered from chronic bronchiolitis (bronchitis) and myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) since 1925.  He and Lessie had four children:Francis; Lessie, b.1921; Matthew O., Jr., b.1922; and Caroline, b.1925.

3. Benjamin Albritton Summerlin, 24 Apr 1878 - 11 Dec 1959.  In 1900, Ben is 22 and living with his parents.  He is "at school" on the census return, no job listed.  In 1910, Ben has been married to Katie Welle Kirby for two years.  They have a daughter, Lillian, almost 2, and a son William, almost 1. Ben is a rural carrier for the Post Office.   In 1920, they have three children - Lillian, 11;  Katie K., 7; and Benjamin Jr. 2.  I have not found out anything about William, yet.  Ben is now Postmaster of Mount Olive.  They live at 105 E. James, down the street from 206 E. James, where his younger brother G.E. is living.  In 1930, Lillian W., 21; Katie K., 18; and Ben, Jr. 12 are all still living at home and going to school.  Ben, 51, is now working in sales of auto supplies.

4.  George Edgar Summerlin, my great-grandfather.  I'll take him up in a later post.

5.  Thomas Bryan Summerlin, 1 Dec 1885 - 12 Feb 1936.  Tommie attended North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts - NC State in Raleigh - from 1907-1910.  His major was Textiles, he sang bass in the glee club.  He and Lula Williford were married in 1913.  In his 1918 draft registration, Thomas lists his occupation as Farm Implement [Sales Agent?]  In the 1920 census, there is no occupation listed, they are still living in Mount Olive, and Lula's sister Augusta is living with them.  She is a bookkeeper at the garage.  By 1930, Tommie and Lula had moved to a farm in Duplin Co.  They had two children:  Thomas Bryan Jr., b. 1915; and Oliver W., b. 1917.  Thomas committed suicide in 1936 at age 50.  Lula lived until she was 91, and died in Duplin General Hospital in 1974.  She had been living in Mount Olive during her widowhood.