Sunday, February 26, 2012

G.E. Summerlin, cont.

-in 1930, the latest census available at this time, G.E. and Emma Aaron Summerlin are living on James Street with their daughters, Elizabeth, 21 and Pattie, 17.  George is a radio salesman - the U.S. government was so interested that it asked householders on the census whether they owned a radio - and they did.  Elizabeth is the bookkeeper in a doctors office.

George Edgar Summerlin died on March 14, 1966, at age 83, of a sudden heart attack caused by dissection of the aorta.  The physician states that this was due to generalized arteriosclerosis.  He was buried in Maplewood Cemetery in Mount Olive.  The death certificate stated that he was a retired plumber.  My grandmother had told me that he was a plumber.

Emma Aaron Summerlin died October 29, 1969, at age 84, of pneumonia caused by basilar artery thrombosis - blockage of an artery in the brain.  Another victim of arteriosclerosis.  She was buried in Maplewood Cemetery in Mount Olive.  She had been living in Guardian Care Nursing Home in Goldsboro.

They both had been living in 106 E. John Street at the time of their deaths.  I remember both of them from visits to Mount Olive to see my grandparents.  I was very young when G.E. died - about 7 - but remember him as a tall, bald man.  I remember Emma as being partially bedridden but I was never sure why.

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