Monday, February 20, 2012

G.E. Summerlin

3. George Edgar Summerlin, 9 Jul 1882 - 14 Mar 1966.
G.E. Summerlin, Sr. is my great-grandfather.
He was born to Oliver and Fannie Summerlin.  He was Oliver's eighth child, and Fannie's fourth.
-In the 1900 census, George is living with his family in Mount Olive.  He is 17, working as farm labor, and attended school for 10 months the previous year.  He married Emma Meredith Aaron, from Duplin County, on 22 Dec 1904.
-In 1910, G.E. and Emma were living on College Street, four doors from Ben and Katie, with their children Edgar (4) and Julia (almost 2).  He is a tinner (tinsmith/metalworker) in his own shop.
-1920 is very interesting.  G.E., Emma and their children are living in the same household with Emma's mother, Julia Aaron, her other children and sons-in-law.  The household spreads over 2 pages - NC, Wayne Co., Brogden Twp., ED 105, p.3B&4A.  The house is owned, without mortgage, presumably by Julia Aaron.

Living on James Street are:
Julia Aaron, head, F, 58, widowed
David J. Aaron, son, M, 32, single, working as telephone operator
George Marr, son-in-law, M, 46, married, b. in Delaware.  He is treasurer of the "Show".
Nellie Marr, daughter, F, 30, married.
Julia Marr, grand-daughter, F, 11
William Aaron, son, M, 28, single, no occupation listed.
Ashton Newby, son-in-law, M, 23, married, auto salesman
Pattie Newby, daughter, F, 26, married
George E. Summerlin, son-in-law, M, 37, auto salesman
Emma Summerlin, daughter, F, 34
George E. Summerlin, Jr, grandson, M, 13
Elizabeth Summerlin, granddaughter, F, 11
Pattie Summerlin, granddaughter, F, 8.

That is quite the household!

- continued -

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