Sunday, February 12, 2012

Children of Oliver Summerlin

I'm having a hard time deciding what to write.  I have a lot of information, but not complete information about Oliver's children.  So for today, I'm going to summarize what I have on each child.

Children of Oliver and Elizabeth Britt
married 28 Jan 1853 in Duplin Co., NC

1.  Claudius "Claude" Summerlin, 6 Sep 1859 - 6 Aug 1927.  He was born in the Buck Swamp area of Wayne County, and died in Mount Olive, Wayne County, NC.  He took over the  blacksmith shop and buggy factory in about 1907 and it became Summerlin Brothers Buggy Factory.  At some point, Matthew O. Summerlin joined him.
    He married Flora Long about 1881.  I have discussed their lives in a previous post.  Their two living children were William Gains Summerlin, b. 1882 and Arthur King Summerlin, b. 1889.

2.  Mary Lavonia Summerlin, 6 Sep 1861 - 1 Sep 1938.  Married Edward M. Flowers in 1881.  They had ten children, six of whom were living in 1910. They moved to Wilmington between 1910 and 1920. In 1900, Edward was a horse trader; in 1910, a well driller; in 1920, in sales in Wilmington; and in 1930, again trading horses.  His son Albert lived with his grandparents, Oliver and Fannie Summerlin, in 1910.  In 1920, Albert was living in Wilmington with his parents, and was a bicycle salesman.  I have not yet researched their other children.

3.  Alice E. Summerlin, 7 Nov 1886 - 8 Jun 1837.  Although I can find no evidence of a marriage, Alice did have children.  In 1910, she was living in Mount Olive with her children Bessie (17), Fred T. (16) and Jessie E. (13).  She was working as a seamstress from her home in 1910, 1920, and 1930.  In the 1910 census, she declares she has had four children and four are living.  I have not yet looked for the one that is not living with her in 1910.  On his NC death certificate, Jim Walker of Duplin Co. is listed as Fred T. Summerlin's father.  However, I have not confirmed that Walker is the father of the other children or whether he and Alice were ever married.  I cannot locate census records from 1900, and there is a lack of information for 1890.  She listed herself as Alice Summerlin, single in the three censuses, 1910-1930.  It remains to be seen what the real story is.

4. Margaret Summerlin, b. in 1869.  She is a child of one in the 1870 census and fails to appear again.  Her mother, Elizabeth, also dies after 1870 and before 1872, when Oliver remarries.

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