Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 3 of Family History Writing Challenge

I skipped yesterday - very busy catching up on necessary stuff after suffering the local virus for a week.  However, I plan to double my output tonight - or possibly tomorrow if necessary.

Tonight, I wish to discuss the Summerlin Buggy Shop - Summerlin Brothers Buggy Factory

As we know, Oliver Summerlin was listed as Carriage repairer in the 1860 census, when he was 30 years old. He was subsequently listed in the census as Carriage Maker (1870), Buggy Manufacturer (1880), and Vehicle Repairman (1900).

From Claude Moore, history professor at Mount Olive College, and great grandson of Oliver, grandson of Annie Summerlin Moore:

"His wife died and in 1872 he married Frances 
Albritton, the daughter of Matthew Albritton (1813-1893) who was a carriage 
maker at old Waynesborough [Goldsboro] and later moved to Mount Olive."

In the 1891 American Carriage Directory, "Summerlin, O (light)" is listed for Mt. Olive under Carriage and Wagon Makers (p.415).  In 1903, "Summerlin, C. (rep.)" is listed  under Carriage and Wagon Makers and Repairers in Mount Olive (p.273).

In the 1902 North Carolina Year Book (pub. by Raleigh News and Observer), under blacksmith shops in Wayne County (p.563), O. Summerlin and C. Summerlin are listed.

In the 1912 North Carolina Year Book, Summerlin Bros. is listed under Plumbers (p.545)

Photo of Summerlin Bros Buggy Factory, 1907, courtesy of the NC Archives.  Originally published in Mount Olive Tribune Industrial Ed. 1907

One of Mount Olive's Leading and Representative Industries, Manuufacturers of Buggies, General Repair Business, and Dealers in Machinery

A busines firm that has rapidly won the affection and regard of the people of the Mount Olive section is that of Summerlin Bros. This popular concern is composed of Messrs. Claud and M. O. Summerlin. For many years

they conducted business separately in Mount Olive, but about three years ago the old Summerlin building on E. Centre street was torn away and replaced by the present handsome and imposing two-story brick structure, and since that time the enterprise has rapidly grown and prospered. Summerlin Bros. manufacture first-class buggies, finding ready sale for them throughout a large territory in Eastern North Carolina. They do a large repairing business, and handle Mowers, Rakes, Hay Presses, Gasoline Engines, Cultivators, Harrows, Stalk Catters, Dise Plows etc., including everything in agricultural implements and farm machinery.

This firm succeeded in business their father, the venerable Mr. Oliver Summerlin, who is the oldest citizen of Mount Olive to-day, and a man who is respected and revered by everybody. The old Summerlin building, that was replaced by the new building, was one of the few old landmarks of the town.

It is seldom that you find men more genial, courteous and clever, or more broad-gauged than Messrs. Claud and M. O. Summerlin. They are gentlemen of broad business ideas and ample experience, and have administered the affairs of this enterprises in an able and progressive manner and richly deserve the success that has been their portion.

So I'm still behind with the writing because I started trying to look up more information online.  I'll try again tomorrow (Feb 5)


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